LegalType Services has been operating since 2002
and is an off-site typing service for New Zealand legal professionals

LegalType offers a service that is





Reasons for outsourcing to a typing service

LegalType Services can assist in getting your typing done to a high professional standard using your firm's preferred templates and formatting when...


Unexpected Absences

In-house staff are on annual leave or off sick.

Additional Help

Need an extra pair of hands during those busy periods.


Work pattern cannot justify the expense of a full-time or part-time assistant.


Benefits for outsourcing to a typing service

Cost Savings

Only pay for the actual time spent on completion of the work required.

No Contracts

No contract tying you to minimum or maximum volume allowances.


A typing service that is available to you on an 'as needed' basis.

Whatever the case may be, LegalType Services can help you!!

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