Getting Started

Getting started with LegalType Services is simple:

  • Let me know whether you would prefer to be invoiced weekly or monthly.
  • Email to me a copy of your templates for letterhead, invoices and any other documents you would like held for future use - if you do not have electronic templates, please email samples so I can see your preferred layout and formatting styles.

Then you can start dictating.  When dictating it is helpful if authors would:

  • Start a NEW voice file for each client file dictated on.
    • At the beginning of the recording state a CLIENT NAME and/or FILE REFERENCE - this is required for itemised invoicing for ease of identification at your end.
    • To remember that I do not have a file to refer back to, so please dictate the spelling of names and addresses - basically the more information provided the better!!

    Once you have completed dictating, email your voice file(s) to:

    If you do not have a digital voice recorder and are interested in purchasing one, LegalType Services recommends Olympus digital voice recorders.  Please visit their website

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