Transcription of voice files falls into two categories:

  • Category 1 - these are single-voice recordings consisting of dictation for standard letters, invoices, documents, etc.
  • Category 2 - these are multi-voice recordings consisting of recorded meetings, interviews, conference calls, etc.

       LegalType Services' charge out rates are calculated as follows:

      • For category 1 transcriptions, you will be charged at $42.00+GST per hour. As a guide, transcription of 1 minute of recording equates to approximately 3 minutes of processing time.
      • For category 2 transcriptions you will be charged at the rate of $42.00+GST per hour.  As a guide, to transcribe these types of recordings is usually 5 x recording length.  These voice files tend to be much more involved due to factors like identifying speakers and sound quality.


      Invoices will be sent via email in PDF format on a weekly or monthly basis - whichever you prefer.

      Weekly invoices will be sent on Friday mornings with payment due within 7 days and monthly invoices will be sent at the end of each calendar month with payment due on or before the 20th of the month following.

      Invoices will be itemised containing the following information:

      • Date
      • Author's name (if more than one user in firm)
      • A file reference (client surname and/or file number if provided)
      • Document description (e.g. letter, invoice, deed, affidavit etc)
      • Recording length
      • Amount charged

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