About Megan Wilmshurst

Ever since leaving school, I have worked in legal firms.  I grew up in the Wellington region and started my working life with the firm Murphy & Southall as a Receptionist.  In 1992 I left Wellington and moved to Auckland where I worked for Jennifer Connell & Associates as a Legal Secretary.

1994 saw me head overseas on the obligatory Kiwi OE where I based myself in Manchester, UK.  After a couple of temp jobs I commenced working for the firm Beardsells in Stockport as a PA/Legal Secretary to three associates.  Beardsells continued to employ me throughout my time in the UK and were happy for me to take additional and extended leave breaks to travel, which I did and thoroughly enjoyed.

At the beginning of 1998 I returned to Auckland and recommence working at Jennifer Connell & Associates in a sole charge position. During this period in my life I also met and married my husband, Jason.

In 2002, my husband and I moved to the Wairarapa to be closer to both of our families and to take advantage of the invaluable support offered while our two boys were pre-schoolers. That year, I also began operating as LegalType Services and worked 'remotely' for legal professionals from my home-based office and I thoroughly enjoyed the work/life balance this offers.

In 2010 my husband's career brought us north again to the Western Bay of Plenty region. I continue to assist a number of legal professionals with their typing requirements, our two boys are now teenagers and the work/life balance has been beneficial to our family.


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