LegalType Services aims to provide clients with a FLEXIBLE service which you can use as and when required.  Whether you have daily typing requirements, few times a week, or once a month - whatever your situation may be then LegalType Services can assist.

LegalType Services can prepare for you letters, invoices, court documents, agreements etc using your preferred templates and formatting.

The main compatible voice file types LegalType Services transcribes are:

  • DSS & DS2 (Olympus)
  • WAV
  • WMA
  • MP3

If you use another file format please contact LegalType Services or email a test recording through so I can check compatibility.

LegalType Services aims to return work before the end of the business day and usually the turnaround time is within a few hours.**  However as daily workload can vary, if a particular job is unable to be returned to you before 5.00pm you will be advised by email.  These outstanding files are usually done in the evenings so they are back with you for the next working day.

Upon receipt of your emailed voice file, it is placed into a typing queue and will be completed in the order of receipt.


For URGENT jobs that are required same-day and/or by a specific time, please state in the SUBJECT LINE of your email, for example, "URGENT - required by 1.30pm" or similar.  I can then prioritise these files accordingly.  Urgent voice files will be done before non-urgent jobs.


LegalType Services' usual business hours are Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm

However with FLEXIBILITY in mind, if you require work done outside normal hours please ring one of the contact phone numbers to check availability - more often than not your requirements can be accommodated.

**NB:  Multi-voice recordings (transcripts of interviews, meetings, conference calls, etc) cannot be returned same-day.  You will be notified by email of earliest possible return date and time

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